The Best Books to Read when Winter Comes (part 3)

The Lovely Bones, written by Alice Sebold

The Lovely Bones was a bestseller several years ago, but it’s never too late to read it. The book tells the story of Susie Salmon, who watches her family and her town cope with her disappearance, in the aftermath of her own murder. The setting is cold and wintry while the climax is icy. The hype is well-deserved even though this book is incredibly popular.

The Winter Garden, written by Kristin Hannah

If you’ have read her much-beloved novel The Nightingale, you must have known that Kristin Hannah is the queen of tugging at heartstrings. And her novel The Winter Garden won’t disappoint you if you are expecting to read about heartache. This novel alternates between past and present, which helps you learn about the lives of two sisters, Meredith and Nina, and their mother’s life in the war-torn Leningrad.

The Child Finder, written by Rene Denfeld

The Child Finder is a haunting and deeply suspenseful novel from the acclaimed author Rene Denfeld. It follows private investigator Naomi has a knack for finding missing persons, especially young ones. She is called on by the Culver family, whose daughter named Madison lost in Skookum National Forest three years ago. Searching for clues to Madison’s disappearance, Naomi looks through the wintry landscape at the same time remembering the stories of her own dark past.

The Thirteenth Tale, written by Diane Setterfield

For those who are book fans, The Thirteenth Tale by Diane Setterfield is a novel that is anything but cozy. In the book, the life story of the enigmatic author Vida Winter was told by biographer Margaret Lea. Winter’s lauded stories collection is missing the eponymous 13th tale. When Winter unravels her life story for Lea, her mysterious past of Victorian-gothic proportions is revealed.

The Most Popular Football TV Shows (part 1)

Football is not only the king of sports but also the favorite pastime of many people all around the world. There is nothing more exciting than watching a game and seeing your team win. But if you like to also see the behind-the-scenes parts of the sport, football TV shows are a great option to experience that.


Playmakers of ESPN is one of the most controversial football drama TV series up to now. Although this series only features eleven episodes, it was adored by many fans and praised by critics due to being real and sometimes even painful. The series followed a professional football team with players counteracting the demands of being professional athletes with women, drugs, and violence.

Although it was ESPN’s highest-rated series that time, Playmakers was still canceled by the cabler. Many cite the close relationship between the NFL and the network as the key reason why the show didn’t go past its run. However, if you are a fan of football, Playmakers is definitely one of the best American football TV series that you should not miss. Especially, if you want to watch an NFL football TV show, the first and only season of this show is the perfect option.


If you are looking for a more comedic take on the football TV series genre, we suggest the iconic Coach, a sitcom following college football coach Hayden Fox who’s trying to balance his love and ambition for football with his personal life, including his relationship with his girlfriend-turned-wife Christine and estranged daughter Kelly.

Watched by millions during its 9-season run at the end of last century, this TV show was a comedy series that still managed to explore many important issues that remain relevant today, such as parenthood, adoption, and self-confidence. It is really worth trying for those who need a football comedy TV show with heart and bigger underlying message.

The Best Books to Read when Winter Comes (part 2)

4. Snow Falling on Cedars, written by David Guterson

Snow Falling on Cedars is set in the Pacific Northwest in the 1950s. The novel tells the story of a man who is wrongfully accused of a crime. It examines the racial tension between Japanese Americans and their white neighbors after the second World War II. Its lush description makes the story have a vivid sense of place.

5. We Met in December, written by Rosie Curtis

We Met in December follows Jess who has moved to London after years of dreaming of city life. Jess and her new roommates come together over a Xmas dinner in their new Notting Hill house-share. She’s drawn to the man who shares her floor, Alex. Their relationship gets closer as the winter holiday progresses, even though the most inconvenient love triangle appears in their way.

6. The Last Train to London, written by Meg Waite Clayton

The Last Train to London is a novel that is both timely, historical, lyrical, and filled with feeling. The Nazis were on the rise in Europe in 1936. Truus Wijsmuller, who is a member of the Dutch resistance, has already started smuggling Jewish kids out of Nazi Germany. She finds help along the way since her mission becomes more dangerous. If you enjoy All the Light We Cannot See, you will surely fall in love with this novel.

7. The Snow Child, written by Eowyn Ivey

Welcome to Alaska of 1920 when Jack and Mabel have arrived as homesteaders on the unforgiving land, where the line between fantasy and reality bends. Together they build a child out of snow, and the next day they wake up to find that she has come to life. If you are a fan of literary magical realism, grab this book and prepare a blanket to protect you from the cold.

The Best Books to Read when Winter Comes (part 1)

With the colder days are around the corners, it’s perfect time to break out the quilts and deck the halls, as well as cancel some plans and spend time reading some good books. No matter the genre, books for winter are often filled with mystery. The reason may be that the days are getting shorter while darkness seems to reign or may be due to the eerie quiet that snow brings. Spend your leisure time reading one of these chilly books to experience the sweeties of the season.

1. Disappearing Earth, written by Julia Phillips

For those who are looking for a thrilling novel with the literal chills of the tundra, Julia Phillips’s Disappearing Earth is the book of their choice. Disappearing Earth starts with two girls missing on the shoreline of the Kamchatka Peninsula in Russia, followed by a gripping story of mystery and grief when neighbors, friends, and law enforcement grapple with their loss.

2. Gingerbread, written by Helen Oyeyemi

Gingerbread is a special holiday treat in many cultures. The novel with the same name written by Helen Oyeyemi explores the role of this treat in the folklore. This tells the mysterious and magical story of seemingly normal British schoolgirl Perdita Lee and her mother Harriet Lee, who make peculiar gingerbread and navigate the politics of wealth, jealousy, and ambition in modern London.

3. What Happens in Paradise, written by Elin Hilderbrand

What Happens in Paradise follows Irene Steele, who still reels from her husband’s death and the realization that he had been living a double life. She is back on the island of St. John in order to discover the truth about the man she believed that she knew for so many years. While this sounds a little dark, the novel’s background is set in the Caribbean during the festive and sunny winter months. Just don’t hold your breath for the romance, drama, and some holiday touches in this novel.

The Best Books about Football for Kids and Teens (part 2)

What Is the Super Bowl?

  • Written by Dina Anastasio
  • Illustrated by David Groff
  • Ages 8 – 12

Whether you are a fan of the Super Bowl who has been counting down the days until the next Super Bowl or the kind of person who doesn’t know anything about it, it is always worth reading this star-studded history of the long-standing championship. The book features fascinating stats, stories, and photos from this hot sporting event.

The Football Fiasco

  • Written by Mike Lupica
  • Ages 6 – 9

The Football Fiasco is the third installment of the Zach and Zoe Mysteries. It sees the sports-loving sleuths swinging into action while discovering the recess that football has been deflated. Trying to figure out what happened to the ball Zach and Zoe learn important lessons about friendship, fairness, and being careful of others’ feelings.

The League

  • Written by Thatcher Heldring
  • Ages 10+

Being ignored by girls and tired of bullies, Wyatt Parker finds his way to turn his life around and toughen up through playing football. Meanwhile, unluckily, his parents expect him to play golf. And his older brother tells him an idea: Wyatt can lie to their parents and participate in a secretive rogue football league. Will Wyatt break the rule and be able to deal with the consequences?

MVP #3: The Football Fumble

  • Written by David A. Kelly
  • Illustrated by Scott Brundage
  • Ages 6 – 9

The MVP kids are so excited with the big game coming up, until they get a look at who they are competing with: the Hamilton Elementary School’s big, tough-looking kids. However, the MVP kids know that heart, effort, and perseverance are the keys to winning even in the face of such a tough opponent.

Legends: The Best Players, Games, and Teams in Football

  • Written by Howard Bryant
  • Ages 8 – 12

Howard Bryant writes about the NFL – the most popular sporting event in the U.S., including the greatest players, teams, and historical moments of the league. Full of top ten lists, iconic photos, and details on 20 greatest Super Bowls, this book is perfect for all football-obsessed middle grade readers.

Advantages of watching TV so much for kids

Watching TV become a regular habit for everyone, especially kids who have so much free time. Although we usually remind about disadvantages of watching TV so much for kids, watching TV has some specific benefits.

In this article, we will share top advantages of watching TV. It’s better that you should get balance consuming time for watching TV then your kids can receive positive thoughts.

1/ Entertainment

There are many entertainment shows for children such as Sesame Street or Dora the Explorer and Arthur. The fact that these shows are useful to teach children several skills like handling emotion, interacting with other peers, solution skills through tough situations or encouraging their imaginations with stories or quizzes.

Kids are easy to access new knowledge, new skills and joy. So, TV seems a perfect device to support and help parents in creation games or shows for kids. It’s useful when you are busy.

2/ Education

Besides entertainment shows, there are some educational programs for kids to follow. Education shows are good to inspire profession in subjects related to school or other knowledge in life. By some amazing ways, kids are easy to access traditional teaching methods and reach good feedback. Furthermore, kids also feel funny when they watch some educational shows on TV.

We recommend some educationally famous channels for kids in the world like Wild Kratts, Sid the Science Kid, Hanya Kamu or Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. You are easy to find them on TV.

3/ Sports

Watching sports shows also contribute to inspire positive feeling to love and join outdoor activities. Through sport show such as football, cricket or volleyball, kids will focus on it and prefer to playing outdoor sports. You also know about the great benefits of sports for everyone

Benefits of watching TV with family together

Some people think that watching TV wastes of time because there is no useful shows on TV. The fact that there are better things we can receive from watching TV with family.

Ignoring all the negatives, you can see many benefits of watching TV with family. This article discuss a few outstanding benefits.

This time is to bond all members

Setting and watching a show together, it doesn’t mean that all members will only focus on the screen and the show. It can open other topics as well perfect opportunities to connect in the same conversation. Per member feel comfortable to share and chat about other stories.

Seeming that your family will be bonding in a time and an area.

It can strengthen connection all members

In a busy life, all of us can get hectic with tight schedule for working or studying. The time on family is smaller and smaller every day. So you look like watching TV together is hanging out with overwhelm fun.

When schedule for life becomes busy, you should make plan for the whole family to meet at a certain time and watch some shows together. It can make an opportunity to connect and share life stories comfortably.

This time is to learn and have fun with all members

No matter how old you are, you feel familiar with life style of your relatives. By shouting all answers for questions, all members can laugh and joke with this show.

Besides having fun, your kid can learn more information via education show or slight advices from parents. Once all teaching becomes simple and more effective. It is an educational method.

This time is learn new skill for all members

Through a television shows, you can learn something new such as making handy crafts, cooking or taking care children healthily.

How to Write a Television Show Review well

Television show reviews help reader/ watcher to summarize about content, meaning, function related to it so that they decide to watch or not watch this show. Frankly speaking, television show reviews are necessary and useful to save time and expense for us in busy life.

The fact that, not all people can make great review. Maybe they deeply understand the content of this show but they don’t know how to express their thought and opinions to others.

Following this article, you can learn how to write a television show review well.

Step 1: Summarize the plot

In introduction paragraph, you should describe the basic storyline and give context for the rest of your review. Remember that you only write main feature with the most important details to make readers’ curiosity.

In bad case, way to expression feeling can ruin the story for potential viewers so you shouldn’t reveal plot spoilers detail.

Step 2: Provide production information

When you notify about producer, origin as well basic information about the show, reader are easy to connect to the creators’ and writers’ previous work. It is good way to connect it with other programs familiarly.

Step 3: Consider negative and positive thought about the script

All television shows are result of carefully combination composed dialogue and production directions, so you only should give discussion the characters, presents key story and plot information comparatively. Don’t be strict to share negative thought about the script because it can badly affect to other readers later.

Please consider carefully all reviews before sharing it to others.

Step 4: Evaluate the acting

The expression ability of the actors can make success of this show. You can evaluate actor’s performances such role of actor or how their acting contributed to this development of this show.

Benefits of watching TV with family

In the modern life, some people think that watching TV shows waste of time, because they can collect or improve the latest news or entertainment via smart phone or i-pad. Actually watching TV brings outstanding benefits compared with other devices using internet, especially when you watch TV with your family. It’s meaningful time to get together and share emotion, though about life around shows on TV. Here is the list of benefits of watching TV with family, you should read carefully and decide to choose TV as new connection among members in your family.

1/ It’s time to bond members’ in family

When all members in family watch TV together, it’s a great time to engage your family in conversation. Around stories on show TV, you are easy to connect to other stories of per person. You also feel comfortable to share and sympathize for others.

You can be bonding in this time.

2/ Improve ability for a family’s connection

One day seems busy and hectic with all members in family because child has go to school for learning whereas parents are under stress with job. Maybe during a day, no one contacts or talks anything each other. So you should spend a free time to get together with your family.

This time is a perfect time to care and love.

3/ Learning and having fun as a family

If your family has some kids, watching TV is also a good way to teach them something in life. It is great to ask them to watch game shows together. Their favorite is different. Via TV shows, you can insert some meaningfully educational stories. Sure that it is easier to be immersed.

4/ Learning a new skill

Series of television shows could teach you how to do something like crafts, cooking or home decoration. It’s practical to improve soft skills in life. Then your family can practice together based on instruction from TV shows

Desperate Housewives- American TV series have super good lines

The film made you have a good laugh and be afraid at the same way

For a brief description of this drama, it can only be said through two adjectives: funny and scary. Of course, the horror in the film is not too horrible. It was interlaced with humorous situations, revolving around the lives of a group of women through the voice of a dead neighbor

Each episode brings laughter and philosophies that make the audience think. The Wisteria Lane neighborhood of the movie looks peaceful but behind it is a complex life where women discover secrets, hidden corners behind every family’s door.

In addition, “Desperate Housewives” also leads viewers to thrilling details, when housewives slowly discover the mystery after the death of a neighbor friend, there has been a series of other crimes.

Later on, the plot in the sequels is increasingly transformed in a progressive manner, accompanied by a series of problems that housewives have to deal with.

But in the end, the four main characters in the film: Bree, Lynette, Gabi and Susan are just housewives, meaning their ridiculous ways of solving problems and “getting lucky”. Even so, through 8 parts, the audience can see clearly how dangerous each character is.

The movie is rated by viewers as “there is no excess voice”. The attraction from the smallest situations combined with the dialogue is both humorous and profound, it is the magnet for pulling millions of fans to cry, laughing, nervous and bursting with the movie from 2004 to 2012.

In 2012, “Desperae Housewives” ending in section eighteen eighteen episodes of the film will give you 181 philosophies about life, people, love, hatred or how to behave.

The words of the Mary Alice Young ghost at the end of the film made “Desperate Housewives” become a comedy series but extremely deep, attracting audiences from episode to episode, part after section.

Certainly “Desperate Housewives” will live forever as a legend in the audience’s hearts, a fun neighborhood with lots of laughter, full of memories but also very mysterious and painful.