Top the best TV shows to learn English well

As far as we know, English is the most unique language in the world. Only speaking English, you can go abroad to everywhere you like without discrepancies about language. Even English contributes importance to get a good job with high salary. This conclusion expresses from many employers nowadays. Therefore, the Government will focus on teaching English when the children are small to adjust new language easily.

If you are learning English. This article is useful for you. We recommend some effective TV shows to improve as well practice English well.

1/ Friends

For many English learners, Friends is one of the most popular TV shows with other pieces and versions. It’s unlucky that this film was close in 2004 after 10 continuous years on broadcasting. However, you can watch all versions. Assure it makes you not disappointed.

About the concept, it is a sitcom kind of TV show with many daily stories about our lives. Some humor, some fun and sometimes you feel there is a little familiar with your life. You can get meaningful lessons from this show. Because actors are talking by American-English, you can practice English naturally.

2/ Game of Thrones


If you are a big fan of fantasy or battles and dragons, Game of Thrones is one good recommendation for you. Through per chap, you can learn other hundreds of words about the nature like sword fights, zombies, monsters or other animals. It is spoken by the British therefore their accents are correct to follow listening words by words effectively.

3/ Keeping up with the Kardashians

You can see this TV show with your family or friends who also are practicing English. This show is better to relax after pressure of learning. It brings funny stories about our lives. Assure that it is a useful source of learning English with more happiness and comfort.

Titanic- A good film to learn English

If you are in process to practice English more, Titanic is a good film to follow up. It is a historical story which are famous for many people in the world.

Coming this film, you not only listen romantic conversations between 2 main actors but also see the true love among the human. When you have to face up with the death, what do you do to save yourself and other? Following about review this Titanic to take a look detail before decision of watching it.

The first, the story in Titanic was based on a historically tragic story which happened in 1992. Then 1997, director James Cameron launched it at the cinema. This blockbuster epic lasted 193 minutes and tell about story of Leonardo. He is a young poor guy. He decided to travel on the gorgeous ship named after Titanic from London to New York with an ambitious dream about his life.

On board Leonardo met Kate Winslet who is a fabulous, wealthy girl. As soon as the first look, he fallen in love with her. Then both loved and were happy with their sweet love story. Remember that you should follow the conversation detail because all sentences are romantic and meaningful. It makes your life happier and more positive.

While they were drunken in love, the ship was hit an enormous iceberg and then it start sinking terribly. It seems tragic when all people in ship became frightened and chaotic because they don’t know how to be safe when the ship was sunk.

In general, Titanic is a real tragedy. Although it was open with a happy story about beautiful love but it finished with an extremely sad ending. Almost people traveled on Titanic were passed over among the huge ocean. So it brought tears to your eyes.

About rewards, Titanic receive hundreds of awards like the 70th Academy Awards or being 11 wins for the best picture.

Top The Best Movies Helps You Improve English Better

Almost we are aware of the important role of English in life. It is not useful for job. It also helps you fine in communication in foreign country. Fully understanding about English, people have started to learn English when they are still young.

Watching movies is a good way to improve your English level, all four skills. When you listen conversation in films, you are practicing listening and speaking skills. Furthermore, you also can broaden vocabulary with many practical words. As a good result, your reading and writing are better and better.

Here is the top the best movies helping you improve English better. Try it and feel your progression day by day. It also makes you more relaxing with English.


This is a very amusing film which is around story of John and Jenny Grogan. When they move to Florida, there are so many novelty coming with. They have new jobs, an adorable golden puppy named Labrador. It seems adventures for positive life.


This film tells the story of Sarah when she returned back California to attend the wedding of her younger sister. It is very interesting with many laughs.


It is a comedy drama films. The content tells about love story of Brooke and Gary. It’s funny when they want to break up, no one wants to move out of the apartment they shared.


It told the sad story of the sinking of the RMS Titanic when it hit an iceberg in the North Atlantic Ocean. It is based on the true story in 1912. It is one of the greatest film to improve English better.


The content of film is based on the true story of The Van Trapp Family. They are singers in Austria. There are many continuous stories happened when they have to leave Austria during the war.