SECOND PACT: Negative effects of watching television on children

Watching TV becomes popular and familiar with our lives when we were still young until mature or older. Turning on TV and watching some shows with members as a normal habit of almost family.

Although we can’t deny benefit of watching TV, it brings negative effect, especially for children who are easy to adjust and inspect. This article will continue to share impact of watching TV for kids.

1/ Waste free time

As the best way for kids to obey and keep silence, parents turn on TV and make free time for kid to spend time in front of TV. Although this solution can be useful for their parents, it can cause some missing out to discover other opportunities. As the bad consequence when a child is spending too much time watching TV, he may not have time to play sports, do homework or support to do small housework. During a long time, the phenomena becomes a bad habit for kids.

2/ Lack of language and soft skills

When watching TV so much, it limits kid’s communication to others. They only interact with the screen and listen story without talking anything. When you see the negative effect is impossible because it seems contradictory to positive effects of TV but we have reasonable logic.

According to watching TV show, TV can’t smile, speak or even interact psychologically on a normal brain of a kid. So watching TV so much can limit child’s social interaction when they have no choice to speak any words or social skills from actual situation.

3/ Kill creativity and imagination

Don’t be surprise about this serious effect. The fact that the expert proves it correctly. It is explained that watching TV instead of going outside and discovering the real world can lead to limit strong imagination and creativity. Information from the screen doesn’t affect efficiently to new ideas on their own

Impact of watching television on children

Television plays an important role of every child’s life. It gives game show for entertainment, funny songs or useful lessons for children. Television looks like a smart teacher for children.

As a consequence, television contribute to build character and personality to attitudes and perspectives of per child. So, method of watching TV is every important to support development of per child.

This article will discuss impact of watching television on children.

FIRST PACT: Positive effects of watching television on children

1/ Entertainment

Nowadays, filmmakers focus on building pro kids’ entertainments with various topic and concept to meet other kid’s style.

They are skills to handle emotional trauma, communicate with peers or navigate through flexible situations as well stimulate their imagination and creation.

Entertainment shows make fun and exciting for kids so they can watch television during day without boring.

2/ Education

Besides entertainment, TV show also brings education. It is modern teaching method which children can learn while having fun. The educational shows can express and teach kids about problem-solving skills and provide a strong foundation about analytic thinking.

We can refer some reliable educational shows such as Wild Kratts, Sid the Science Kid, Hanya Kamu or Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

3/ Make love with sports

Usually watching sports program such as football, cricket, and volleyball is a great way to encourage interest in sports of children. As far as we know, sports bring many healthy and mental benefits for people, especially the kids when they are in fast growth. Therefore sports shows encourage them to be active and good at for health more. They can watch TV while they dance or imitate gesture and activities from pro players. Whether your kids are practicing exercise?

Watching sports show is also a good way to inspire jobs related to sports in the future for kids. Maybe through TV shows, they can impress and love one special sport which make success for them.