The Most Popular Football TV Shows (part 1)

Football is not only the king of sports but also the favorite pastime of many people all around the world. There is nothing more exciting than watching a game and seeing your team win. But if you like to also see the behind-the-scenes parts of the sport, football TV shows are a great option to experience that.


Playmakers of ESPN is one of the most controversial football drama TV series up to now. Although this series only features eleven episodes, it was adored by many fans and praised by critics due to being real and sometimes even painful. The series followed a professional football team with players counteracting the demands of being professional athletes with women, drugs, and violence.

Although it was ESPN’s highest-rated series that time, Playmakers was still canceled by the cabler. Many cite the close relationship between the NFL and the network as the key reason why the show didn’t go past its run. However, if you are a fan of football, Playmakers is definitely one of the best American football TV series that you should not miss. Especially, if you want to watch an NFL football TV show, the first and only season of this show is the perfect option.


If you are looking for a more comedic take on the football TV series genre, we suggest the iconic Coach, a sitcom following college football coach Hayden Fox who’s trying to balance his love and ambition for football with his personal life, including his relationship with his girlfriend-turned-wife Christine and estranged daughter Kelly.

Watched by millions during its 9-season run at the end of last century, this TV show was a comedy series that still managed to explore many important issues that remain relevant today, such as parenthood, adoption, and self-confidence. It is really worth trying for those who need a football comedy TV show with heart and bigger underlying message.

Advantages of watching TV so much for kids

TV brings many benefits for the kids if the parents teach them correctly about using TV. Some parents strictly prohibit their kids not to watch any performances or games because they worry that their kids can be addicted and lost control.

If you are a smart parent, you shouldn’t impose your kids in the bad situation. It’s better that you should balance some advantages and disadvantages of watching TV. In this article, we will continue to share top the most outstanding advantages of watching TV for kids. Hope that you can receive some advices from this article.

4, Support education

We can’t deny that TV brings a great educational value for kids. It can be used as a useful tool to learn and do research at home as well in school. By a wide range of channels about all fields and subjects such as science, geography, history to several entertaining channels like sports, health, nutrition.

It’s a great time for kids to watch these programs in a free time. They can immerse to good contents so that it’s convenient to open more knowledge about soft skills.

In general, educational value of watching TV can be increased according to these powerful visual effects. It can be more useful than reading a printed book for one similar content.

5, Support to update medium of Information

In this age of social media explosion, kids also need updating all information, news or stories on day-to-day happening by themselves. This way is to prove that kids have the equal rights about referring news as the adult. So, television is a good channel to update news rightly. Almost programs on TV should be checked carefully before publicized. Therefore, you are not scared that kids can receive bad information from the network. Actually, updating news on the medium on TV is safer than other social networks

Disadvantages of watching TV so much for kids

Watching TV plays an important role to relax and improve new knowledge for kids. Thanks television, kids are obedient not to disturb you for cooking, doing housework or working. However, when kids abuse watching TV, it can cause some disadvantages and drawbacks.

In this article, we continue to share top disadvantages of watching TV so much for kids. Hope you understand and make a proper schedule to watch TV for them.


In the previous article, we refer that watching TV can lead laziness for outdoor activities. Once they dislike joining playing sports, it can increase obesity rate for kids.

Furthermore, kids usually watch TV and eat something like fast food, snack or soft drink. Actually, it’s a habit for everyone when watching TB. This bad habit leads to higher obesity problem because eating and watching at the same time are not good for any physical activity.

Effect badly to his behavior

The fact that, content of films can affect and impact seriously to kid’s mind set. Because they lack experience and skill to determine whether it is correct or not, he can believe in everything he sees in TV.

This issue can lead to 2 results. If the content is good, of course it can impact positive though for kids. But when kids are watching the content is violent or terrible, it can affect his behavior badly. He is obsessed by awful stuff. If this situation has been continued in a long time, it can contribute to build up bad behavior and character of kids.

Nightmares and irregular sleep time

There are several channels which show improper programs for kids, such as broadcasting about ghosts, monsters or other scary visual images. Once kids watch it usually, they can have nightmares and affect badly to their overall development in night.