Disadvantages of watching TV so much for kids

Watching TV plays an important role to relax and improve new knowledge for kids. Thanks television, kids are obedient not to disturb you for cooking, doing housework or working. However, when kids abuse watching TV, it can cause some disadvantages and drawbacks.

In this article, we continue to share top disadvantages of watching TV so much for kids. Hope you understand and make a proper schedule to watch TV for them.


In the previous article, we refer that watching TV can lead laziness for outdoor activities. Once they dislike joining playing sports, it can increase obesity rate for kids.

Furthermore, kids usually watch TV and eat something like fast food, snack or soft drink. Actually, it’s a habit for everyone when watching TB. This bad habit leads to higher obesity problem because eating and watching at the same time are not good for any physical activity.

Effect badly to his behavior

The fact that, content of films can affect and impact seriously to kid’s mind set. Because they lack experience and skill to determine whether it is correct or not, he can believe in everything he sees in TV.

This issue can lead to 2 results. If the content is good, of course it can impact positive though for kids. But when kids are watching the content is violent or terrible, it can affect his behavior badly. He is obsessed by awful stuff. If this situation has been continued in a long time, it can contribute to build up bad behavior and character of kids.

Nightmares and irregular sleep time

There are several channels which show improper programs for kids, such as broadcasting about ghosts, monsters or other scary visual images. Once kids watch it usually, they can have nightmares and affect badly to their overall development in night.