Top the best TV shows to learn English well

As far as we know, English is the most unique language in the world. Only speaking English, you can go abroad to everywhere you like without discrepancies about language. Even English contributes importance to get a good job with high salary. This conclusion expresses from many employers nowadays. Therefore, the Government will focus on teaching English when the children are small to adjust new language easily.

If you are learning English. This article is useful for you. We recommend some effective TV shows to improve as well practice English well.

1/ Friends

For many English learners, Friends is one of the most popular TV shows with other pieces and versions. It’s unlucky that this film was close in 2004 after 10 continuous years on broadcasting. However, you can watch all versions. Assure it makes you not disappointed.

About the concept, it is a sitcom kind of TV show with many daily stories about our lives. Some humor, some fun and sometimes you feel there is a little familiar with your life. You can get meaningful lessons from this show. Because actors are talking by American-English, you can practice English naturally.

2/ Game of Thrones


If you are a big fan of fantasy or battles and dragons, Game of Thrones is one good recommendation for you. Through per chap, you can learn other hundreds of words about the nature like sword fights, zombies, monsters or other animals. It is spoken by the British therefore their accents are correct to follow listening words by words effectively.

3/ Keeping up with the Kardashians

You can see this TV show with your family or friends who also are practicing English. This show is better to relax after pressure of learning. It brings funny stories about our lives. Assure that it is a useful source of learning English with more happiness and comfort.

Advantages of watching TV so much for kids

TV brings many benefits for the kids if the parents teach them correctly about using TV. Some parents strictly prohibit their kids not to watch any performances or games because they worry that their kids can be addicted and lost control.

If you are a smart parent, you shouldn’t impose your kids in the bad situation. It’s better that you should balance some advantages and disadvantages of watching TV. In this article, we will continue to share top the most outstanding advantages of watching TV for kids. Hope that you can receive some advices from this article.

4, Support education

We can’t deny that TV brings a great educational value for kids. It can be used as a useful tool to learn and do research at home as well in school. By a wide range of channels about all fields and subjects such as science, geography, history to several entertaining channels like sports, health, nutrition.

It’s a great time for kids to watch these programs in a free time. They can immerse to good contents so that it’s convenient to open more knowledge about soft skills.

In general, educational value of watching TV can be increased according to these powerful visual effects. It can be more useful than reading a printed book for one similar content.

5, Support to update medium of Information

In this age of social media explosion, kids also need updating all information, news or stories on day-to-day happening by themselves. This way is to prove that kids have the equal rights about referring news as the adult. So, television is a good channel to update news rightly. Almost programs on TV should be checked carefully before publicized. Therefore, you are not scared that kids can receive bad information from the network. Actually, updating news on the medium on TV is safer than other social networks

Advantages of watching TV so much for kids

Watching TV become a regular habit for everyone, especially kids who have so much free time. Although we usually remind about disadvantages of watching TV so much for kids, watching TV has some specific benefits.

In this article, we will share top advantages of watching TV. It’s better that you should get balance consuming time for watching TV then your kids can receive positive thoughts.

1/ Entertainment

There are many entertainment shows for children such as Sesame Street or Dora the Explorer and Arthur. The fact that these shows are useful to teach children several skills like handling emotion, interacting with other peers, solution skills through tough situations or encouraging their imaginations with stories or quizzes.

Kids are easy to access new knowledge, new skills and joy. So, TV seems a perfect device to support and help parents in creation games or shows for kids. It’s useful when you are busy.

2/ Education

Besides entertainment shows, there are some educational programs for kids to follow. Education shows are good to inspire profession in subjects related to school or other knowledge in life. By some amazing ways, kids are easy to access traditional teaching methods and reach good feedback. Furthermore, kids also feel funny when they watch some educational shows on TV.

We recommend some educationally famous channels for kids in the world like Wild Kratts, Sid the Science Kid, Hanya Kamu or Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. You are easy to find them on TV.

3/ Sports

Watching sports shows also contribute to inspire positive feeling to love and join outdoor activities. Through sport show such as football, cricket or volleyball, kids will focus on it and prefer to playing outdoor sports. You also know about the great benefits of sports for everyone

Disadvantages of watching TV so much for kids

Watching TV plays an important role to relax and improve new knowledge for kids. Thanks television, kids are obedient not to disturb you for cooking, doing housework or working. However, when kids abuse watching TV, it can cause some disadvantages and drawbacks.

In this article, we continue to share top disadvantages of watching TV so much for kids. Hope you understand and make a proper schedule to watch TV for them.


In the previous article, we refer that watching TV can lead laziness for outdoor activities. Once they dislike joining playing sports, it can increase obesity rate for kids.

Furthermore, kids usually watch TV and eat something like fast food, snack or soft drink. Actually, it’s a habit for everyone when watching TB. This bad habit leads to higher obesity problem because eating and watching at the same time are not good for any physical activity.

Effect badly to his behavior

The fact that, content of films can affect and impact seriously to kid’s mind set. Because they lack experience and skill to determine whether it is correct or not, he can believe in everything he sees in TV.

This issue can lead to 2 results. If the content is good, of course it can impact positive though for kids. But when kids are watching the content is violent or terrible, it can affect his behavior badly. He is obsessed by awful stuff. If this situation has been continued in a long time, it can contribute to build up bad behavior and character of kids.

Nightmares and irregular sleep time

There are several channels which show improper programs for kids, such as broadcasting about ghosts, monsters or other scary visual images. Once kids watch it usually, they can have nightmares and affect badly to their overall development in night.

Disadvantages of watching TV so much for kids

Watching TV becomes a daily habit for everyone, every family. People usually watch TV together as method to connect people closer and closer. Besides benefits from TV, it also brings disadvantages when you allow your kids to watch so much.

This article will share top disadvantages of watching TV as notices to remind tips to teach your kids effectively.

Wasting time.

When your children spend too much time for watching TV, they can miss out on other opportunities for life such as playing outside sports, making with friends, working on homework or other activities.

Lacking of language and social skills.

This issue is correct for children under the age of two years. As theory, their brain is under the developmental stage so they are in process to lean speaking and other social skills. The brain will rewire and foster all skills while TV can’t smile, communicate or interact with child naturally, it limits child’s mental state.

Killing creativity and imagination.

As bad consequences of watching TV, your child will not able to develop strong creativity and imagination the most. They don’t have experience as well feeling about the real world. All thing they can see is on screen of TV. Hence focusing and feeling is not good and effective.

Lacking of focus.

According to study points out that kids watching TV more than 2 hours everyday can lack of focus in classroom than others. They can be easy to be diagnosed with ADHD (Attention-Deficit Hyper Activity Disorder), therefore they are not ready to join creative and mental activities.

Being unproductive for jobs

Productivity is a clear evidence to express you are successful or not. Once your child is only watching TV and ignoring all milestones in their academic, social or emotional lives, they can’t reach high productivity for jobs.

Benefits of reading books everyday

Reading books becomes a necessary part in the human life. When you are a small child, you go to school and read book for study. Then growing up higher, you go to university or company, you also use books to improve knowledge. Sometimes you go to the coffee shop, you read a book and relax with tunes of music. Even when you are a mom, you should read books to learn new skills to take care a baby or inspire emotion to her lovely.

In general, reading books should be practiced daily as well you eat foods or sleep in dream. This article will note some outstanding benefits of reading books.

Vocabulary expansion, especially for new language

Actually, the more you read, the more words you can improve for your brain, especially academic or foreign languages. So reading books is the greatest way to widen your vocabulary day by day.

As a good consequence, when you have good vocabulary, you are confident in communicating or presenting with other. It also means reading books is supportive for your career better and better.

As a learner for studying foreign languages, reading books can help you to open new words used in context then widen your speaking and writing fluently.

Improvement your memory, especially when you are old

When you read a good book, you can remember an assortment of characters, author or some related stories about the content. So it can improve your memory longer and effectively.

Don’t think that your brain is limitation, then you can’t cover much knowledge or information. It is unlimited, especially when you improve more, your brain becomes better. Some scientists conclude that reading book is to increase brain power in a more space as well boost memory smartly and longer. So you should practice reading books, even when you are old to become an effective person.

Benefits of reading books everyday

In the modern society, people get to used surfing information or news through Facebook or newspaper without missing reading books. Although we can’t deny benefits as well advantages from the Internet bring to the human life, we shouldn’t miss reading books as the habit.

The truth that reading books have great value for improvement knowledge and entertainment. This article will share top benefits of reading books every day.

1/ Stimulation about mental

Studies have concluded that staying mentally stimulation can slow or even prevent the progress of Alzheimer’s and Dementia. The experts explain that reading books supports your brain active fluently then prevents from losing power. As other parts on body, the brain needs doing exercise to keep it stronger and healthier. When you read books, it means you are pushing your brain to do more activities.

2/ Stress and pressure reduction

We have so many problems to solve every day which can lead to stress or pressure. Sometimes stress makes you lose control and become angry with others. In this situation, reading books like a well-written novel can reduce your anger and more calm.

Someone can find other solutions but reading books is one of the most effective way to get balance your feeling.

3/ Improvement knowledge

When we were young, we exposed books in school. It means books cover huge source of knowledge for the human. So no reason why you widen your knowledge by reading books.

As consequence, everything you read can fill in your head with new bits of information and news. The more knowledge you improve, the better your life can receive. Because the knowledge is countless, you can’t find the limitation for your discovery or study. Improving and remembering it, it becomes useful for your life by some special ways.


SECOND PACT: Negative effects of watching television on children

Watching TV becomes popular and familiar with our lives when we were still young until mature or older. Turning on TV and watching some shows with members as a normal habit of almost family.

Although we can’t deny benefit of watching TV, it brings negative effect, especially for children who are easy to adjust and inspect. This article will continue to share impact of watching TV for kids.

1/ Waste free time

As the best way for kids to obey and keep silence, parents turn on TV and make free time for kid to spend time in front of TV. Although this solution can be useful for their parents, it can cause some missing out to discover other opportunities. As the bad consequence when a child is spending too much time watching TV, he may not have time to play sports, do homework or support to do small housework. During a long time, the phenomena becomes a bad habit for kids.

2/ Lack of language and soft skills

When watching TV so much, it limits kid’s communication to others. They only interact with the screen and listen story without talking anything. When you see the negative effect is impossible because it seems contradictory to positive effects of TV but we have reasonable logic.

According to watching TV show, TV can’t smile, speak or even interact psychologically on a normal brain of a kid. So watching TV so much can limit child’s social interaction when they have no choice to speak any words or social skills from actual situation.

3/ Kill creativity and imagination

Don’t be surprise about this serious effect. The fact that the expert proves it correctly. It is explained that watching TV instead of going outside and discovering the real world can lead to limit strong imagination and creativity. Information from the screen doesn’t affect efficiently to new ideas on their own

Impact of watching television on children

Television plays an important role of every child’s life. It gives game show for entertainment, funny songs or useful lessons for children. Television looks like a smart teacher for children.

As a consequence, television contribute to build character and personality to attitudes and perspectives of per child. So, method of watching TV is every important to support development of per child.

This article will discuss impact of watching television on children.

FIRST PACT: Positive effects of watching television on children

1/ Entertainment

Nowadays, filmmakers focus on building pro kids’ entertainments with various topic and concept to meet other kid’s style.

They are skills to handle emotional trauma, communicate with peers or navigate through flexible situations as well stimulate their imagination and creation.

Entertainment shows make fun and exciting for kids so they can watch television during day without boring.

2/ Education

Besides entertainment, TV show also brings education. It is modern teaching method which children can learn while having fun. The educational shows can express and teach kids about problem-solving skills and provide a strong foundation about analytic thinking.

We can refer some reliable educational shows such as Wild Kratts, Sid the Science Kid, Hanya Kamu or Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

3/ Make love with sports

Usually watching sports program such as football, cricket, and volleyball is a great way to encourage interest in sports of children. As far as we know, sports bring many healthy and mental benefits for people, especially the kids when they are in fast growth. Therefore sports shows encourage them to be active and good at for health more. They can watch TV while they dance or imitate gesture and activities from pro players. Whether your kids are practicing exercise?

Watching sports show is also a good way to inspire jobs related to sports in the future for kids. Maybe through TV shows, they can impress and love one special sport which make success for them.

Why book review is important for reader?

Book reviews is a literary criticism form when authors give opinions and appreciation about one book. The review has other forms. It can be long or short. It can be criticism review or positive reviews. Depending other opinion of author. It also can be written by normal readers with individual comment or professional book reviewers with various angles about issues.

Thanks book reviews, readers will save time and money to purchase a book. It also helps to advertise author and book more efficiently. To understand more benefits from book reviews for reader, following this article.

Saving time and reducing cost for reader

In the busy day, we are immersed in job and studying so free time to read book is valuable. But in fact, there are millions of book about the same content so you are confusing to find and decide. It’s better to find book reviews. Through reading book reviews, you can understand familiar with what a book is about as well advice about strength and weakness from this book whether this particular book is better for you or not.

So, we can assure that book reviews can help you to save time for finding and reading. It’s a greater chance of connecting with a particular book or some first pages of book. Based on research, you decide to purchase it or not. It save cost for reader the most.

Giving a greater visibility and more chance to improve knowledge

Through finding book reviews, you improve source of knowledge about book better. Which book is a best-sold now? Which book has been just launched? It’s the best way to boost your visibility greater.

Upgrading the latest news about books make you more modern and developed. You feel you are in general process of development.