Check here regularly to see if I am currently accepting review requests. Requests are currently:


  • only accept fiction books and specialize in young adult.
  • Books with erotic content will not be considered.
  • I read ARCs.
  • If you are self-published, I will be hesitant to review. It is not likely but I will consider if I am interested in the plot.
  • I reserve the right to refuse to review a specific book. There is no guarantee I will review the book if it is requested. Don’t take it personally.
  • I prefer physical copies of books but I will except PDFs and e-books. There may be some instances I do not get to your book if its a digital copy, and I apologize in advance.

Things to Know:

  • My reviews are always honest. I try to be as clear as possible on my take on the book. I never go out of my way to write an extremely bad or good review. Everything is based on my opinions of the plot, characters, and writing style. The book can get up to 5 stars in my rating system.
  • Receiving review copies does not affect my reviews in any way.
  • Young adult novels are preferred.
  • Reviews of ARCs will be posted at least three weeks before the proposed release date.


For requests, click the button below to email me at or fill out the contact form.