Review for “At the Heart of Gold”

“At the Heart of Gold: Inside the USA Gymnastics Scandal” is a film that digged deeply into the hidden pain inside the victims of the scandal, the gymnasts.

The documentary by Carr demonstrates clearly in its content, with the character bad guy Lawrence G.Nassar, who has abused hundreds of girls for years sexually. All of his victims are mostly too young to realize what they have coped with, or what really happened to them. However, they can still feel the pain, and the vulnerability in their souls.


Although Nassar’s crime has been revealed and known widely, the documentary by Carr is still a down-to-earth film that express the hidden corner of the victims, who are forgotten or ignored after what happened to them. Carr worked with many victims in the scandal, who are courage to go forward and share about their pain through the interview. As many people may have known, the ages of those victims are varied widely, and there are victims who know him well, even consider him a friend. That shows how evil he is to take advantage of them and turn them into his toys.

With the length of 90 minutes limited for a documentary, “At the Heart of Gold: Inside the USA Gymnastics Scandal” has done more than expected. It reveals the truth, and make us sympathize with the girls who are victims of the scandal. We also learn a lot after watching the film, about the importance of sharing in family, creating trust between members.

It is assumed that doctors are always right and we must listen to them. After watching the film, we know that it is important to be aware of the bad guys as predators. They will not show up like a bad guy, but rather be a nice person and cheat their victims before getting what they want.

5 best financial and monetary movies of all time

According to Business Insider, here are 5 most watched money and currency documentaries on Netflix.
As Netflix enhances the collection of documentaries, it can become very difficult for us to determine which movies are worth watching. Besides a lot of documentaries about every topic from health care, drug trade, there is still a flow of movies about its financial system and its chaotic history, althought they are small but worth watching.

Here are 5 most watched money-themed documentaries on Netflix.

1. ‘The True Cost‘ (Temporarily translated)

Directed by Andrew Morgan, the 2015 documentary film portrayed the harsh reality of unsustainable businesses in the garment industry. Through the talk of former employees and now, this film has lifted the mystery of the workers’ real wages behind the cheap fashion industry.

Throughout the film are haunting footage of the collapse of more than 1000 people of Rana Plaza factory in Bangladesh in April 2013, images of children with deformities caused by spraying pesticides in cotton growing belts. Cotton in India, or the image of the Indian River, is full of chemical bubbles or mountains of clothes left in Haiti.

Since its inception, The True Cost has been continuously welcomed by viewers as well as raised many public debates.
2. ‘Money for Nothing: Inside the Federal Reserve’

Written and directed by Jim Bruce, the 2013 production documentary described the journey through the US Federal Reserve’s more than 100-year history and followed its consequences for the economy. America and the financial crisis in the late 2000s.

Through the words of Liev Schreiber, the film used in-depth interviews with federal officials, economists, historical researchers, investors and traders to ask questions about the global financial system as well as the way in which this system collapsed and whether it will collapse again.
3. ‘Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room’

The 2005 production film is based on the bestseller of the same name published in 2003 about Enron – the seventh largest company in the US and the wrong-doing business as well as the financial scandal that led to its bankruptcy in 2001 of this Powerful Group.