The Best Books about Football for Kids and Teens (part 2)

What Is the Super Bowl?

  • Written by Dina Anastasio
  • Illustrated by David Groff
  • Ages 8 – 12

Whether you are a fan of the Super Bowl who has been counting down the days until the next Super Bowl or the kind of person who doesn’t know anything about it, it is always worth reading this star-studded history of the long-standing championship. The book features fascinating stats, stories, and photos from this hot sporting event.

The Football Fiasco

  • Written by Mike Lupica
  • Ages 6 – 9

The Football Fiasco is the third installment of the Zach and Zoe Mysteries. It sees the sports-loving sleuths swinging into action while discovering the recess that football has been deflated. Trying to figure out what happened to the ball Zach and Zoe learn important lessons about friendship, fairness, and being careful of others’ feelings.

The League

  • Written by Thatcher Heldring
  • Ages 10+

Being ignored by girls and tired of bullies, Wyatt Parker finds his way to turn his life around and toughen up through playing football. Meanwhile, unluckily, his parents expect him to play golf. And his older brother tells him an idea: Wyatt can lie to their parents and participate in a secretive rogue football league. Will Wyatt break the rule and be able to deal with the consequences?

MVP #3: The Football Fumble

  • Written by David A. Kelly
  • Illustrated by Scott Brundage
  • Ages 6 – 9

The MVP kids are so excited with the big game coming up, until they get a look at who they are competing with: the Hamilton Elementary School’s big, tough-looking kids. However, the MVP kids know that heart, effort, and perseverance are the keys to winning even in the face of such a tough opponent.

Legends: The Best Players, Games, and Teams in Football

  • Written by Howard Bryant
  • Ages 8 – 12

Howard Bryant writes about the NFL – the most popular sporting event in the U.S., including the greatest players, teams, and historical moments of the league. Full of top ten lists, iconic photos, and details on 20 greatest Super Bowls, this book is perfect for all football-obsessed middle grade readers.