Top the best TV shows to learn English well

As far as we know, English is the most unique language in the world. Only speaking English, you can go abroad to everywhere you like without discrepancies about language. Even English contributes importance to get a good job with high salary. This conclusion expresses from many employers nowadays. Therefore, the Government will focus on teaching English when the children are small to adjust new language easily.

If you are learning English. This article is useful for you. We recommend some effective TV shows to improve as well practice English well.

1/ Friends

For many English learners, Friends is one of the most popular TV shows with other pieces and versions. It’s unlucky that this film was close in 2004 after 10 continuous years on broadcasting. However, you can watch all versions. Assure it makes you not disappointed.

About the concept, it is a sitcom kind of TV show with many daily stories about our lives. Some humor, some fun and sometimes you feel there is a little familiar with your life. You can get meaningful lessons from this show. Because actors are talking by American-English, you can practice English naturally.

2/ Game of Thrones


If you are a big fan of fantasy or battles and dragons, Game of Thrones is one good recommendation for you. Through per chap, you can learn other hundreds of words about the nature like sword fights, zombies, monsters or other animals. It is spoken by the British therefore their accents are correct to follow listening words by words effectively.

3/ Keeping up with the Kardashians

You can see this TV show with your family or friends who also are practicing English. This show is better to relax after pressure of learning. It brings funny stories about our lives. Assure that it is a useful source of learning English with more happiness and comfort.

Netflix- The best website for the modern life


Netflix is a media-streaming and video-rental company founded by Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph in 1997. First business is offering an online subscription service through the Internet. They work as agent between customers and DVD/ CVD distribution center. Until now, Netflix has collected millions of movie titles in its catalog.

Innovations and developments

Netflix is continuous in improvement and innovation so that they can meet all demands of customers in the world and in all time.

To match with streaming trend, Netflix has offered options to subscribers to stream movies and television shows instantly to their homes with the Internet. As a good achievement, streaming service has reached big revenue out of expectation from the producer Netflix.

Not stopping at streaming television shows or short movie, Netflix also has invested to the episodic drama series for 2013. So high quality videos are offered content to produce specifically for streaming service. The notable drama series includes House of Cards, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Stranger Things, Narcos, and The Crown. Specially, Roma produced in 2018 was honored three awards, including the best foreign language film in Oscar reward.

What we can watch on Netflix

As referred, Netflix can offer hundreds of TV programs and movie title on a huge source immersed year by year.

There are several famous shows from Netflix like: BC TV Shows, CBS TV Shows, FOX TV Shows, NBC TV Shows or drama series How I Met Your Mother, Hawaii Five-0 (Classic Series), Hawaii Five-0 (Current Series).

Although Netflix are working effectively and professionally, they still keep some limitations.

Firstly about data of TV programs and movie title: if programs and movies are added in a long time or they are not popular, they will automatically be deleted from the service before.

Secondly offering TV show is limitation because Netflix only run the previous version. It doesn’t update the show of running season.