Disadvantages of watching TV so much for kids

Watching TV becomes a daily habit for everyone, every family. People usually watch TV together as method to connect people closer and closer. Besides benefits from TV, it also brings disadvantages when you allow your kids to watch so much.

This article will share top disadvantages of watching TV as notices to remind tips to teach your kids effectively.

Wasting time.

When your children spend too much time for watching TV, they can miss out on other opportunities for life such as playing outside sports, making with friends, working on homework or other activities.

Lacking of language and social skills.

This issue is correct for children under the age of two years. As theory, their brain is under the developmental stage so they are in process to lean speaking and other social skills. The brain will rewire and foster all skills while TV can’t smile, communicate or interact with child naturally, it limits child’s mental state.

Killing creativity and imagination.

As bad consequences of watching TV, your child will not able to develop strong creativity and imagination the most. They don’t have experience as well feeling about the real world. All thing they can see is on screen of TV. Hence focusing and feeling is not good and effective.

Lacking of focus.

According to study points out that kids watching TV more than 2 hours everyday can lack of focus in classroom than others. They can be easy to be diagnosed with ADHD (Attention-Deficit Hyper Activity Disorder), therefore they are not ready to join creative and mental activities.

Being unproductive for jobs

Productivity is a clear evidence to express you are successful or not. Once your child is only watching TV and ignoring all milestones in their academic, social or emotional lives, they can’t reach high productivity for jobs.

Benefits of watching TV with family together

Some people think that watching TV wastes of time because there is no useful shows on TV. The fact that there are better things we can receive from watching TV with family.

Ignoring all the negatives, you can see many benefits of watching TV with family. This article discuss a few outstanding benefits.

This time is to bond all members

Setting and watching a show together, it doesn’t mean that all members will only focus on the screen and the show. It can open other topics as well perfect opportunities to connect in the same conversation. Per member feel comfortable to share and chat about other stories.

Seeming that your family will be bonding in a time and an area.

It can strengthen connection all members

In a busy life, all of us can get hectic with tight schedule for working or studying. The time on family is smaller and smaller every day. So you look like watching TV together is hanging out with overwhelm fun.

When schedule for life becomes busy, you should make plan for the whole family to meet at a certain time and watch some shows together. It can make an opportunity to connect and share life stories comfortably.

This time is to learn and have fun with all members

No matter how old you are, you feel familiar with life style of your relatives. By shouting all answers for questions, all members can laugh and joke with this show.

Besides having fun, your kid can learn more information via education show or slight advices from parents. Once all teaching becomes simple and more effective. It is an educational method.

This time is learn new skill for all members

Through a television shows, you can learn something new such as making handy crafts, cooking or taking care children healthily.